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I like the simplicity of the animation style. Looks cute and innocent at first, but then it goes into fairly deep stuff towards the end. I admit I didn't quite get the message you were trying to convey, but it's done in a pretty good way. I also like how it's gory, yet not...is that even possible? I don't know.

Overall, good work.

aap responds:

There were various things I was trying to express but I didn't really have one clear message in mind, so it's ok that you didn't really get it! I also didn't add gore on purpose, I thought this would be more fitting and actually more disturbing than actual gore, because gore is actually very natural and unnatural things are more disturbing to me. Thanks!

I had a very similar thing happen to me and one of my drawings I was working on for a while. I was finally finishing putting in all the permanent lines over the sketch lines, when out of nowhere, my laptop froze and became unresponsive. I force restarted it, but it never booted back up. Had to buy a new hard drive and lost all that progress. I know how that feels...very good work, though, bud.

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I like the flow in this one better. Again, very well made.

Not my style of music, but really good production here. Nice work.

Really like the atmosphere in this. Very interesting feel, too.

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I love it, dude. Very good job.

Fluttershy = Clyde, Rarity = Inky, Pinkie = Pinky, Twilight = Blinky XD

I'm just your typical, laid back goofball who loves music, drawing, voice acting and just expressing myself in general. If you like what you see/hear, give me a follow! Have an awesome day!

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